5 dynamic yoga poses

blog Apr 11, 2018

Practising yoga poses is a great way to improve your body's balance, strength and stability, and bring some peace and stillness to your daily life. In this post, we'll take a look at some simple dynamic poses for those new to yoga.

If you're just starting out, don't worry! You can easily incorporate these yoga postures into your daily routine, either during a guided class or in the comfort of your own home.

What are dynamic yoga poses?

Dynamic yoga poses are variations on still poses. They incorporate a little more movement, or dynamic energy, into a static routine, which serves to increase balance and strength.

Many static yoga poses can be transformed into dynamic sequences. Here are five of our favourites: 

1. Standing cat-cows

The standing cat-cow is a great pose to improve your posture and balance, and will also stretch out a stiff back.

Begin this pose with a static one-leg balance. Stand with your feet firmly planted on your mat, and raise one of your knees, pulling it towards your stomach with your hands. Inhale and look up towards the ceiling, curving your spine as you do so. As you exhale, draw your chin in towards your chest and round your back. Repeat this in time with your breath.

2. Quarter dog

This pose is a great strengthener for your upper back, shoulders and abdominals.

To begin, move into downward dog pose by spreading your fingers wide on your mat and lifting your hips up towards the ceiling. Inhale and exhale for a few breaths before lowering your forearms so they're resting on your yoga mat. Straighten your legs, try to lower your heels to the ground, and keep your gaze towards your belly button. Hold this pose as you inhale and exhale for around five breaths.

3. Goddess pose

If you're looking for a pose to strengthen your thighs and butt, look no further than the glorious Goddess pose!

Begin with your legs wider than hip distance apart, your feet pointing diagonally outwards. Then, bend your knees and squat down, trying to keep your back and neck straight. Next, lift your arms up on either side of your head so that they are are a 90-degree angle. Hold the pose for several inhales and exhales. 

4. Dynamic chair pose

This pose is a great one to work your whole body, particularly your thighs and butt. It also helps to strengthen your ankles, knees, hips and shoulders.

Start off with a normal chair pose. Place your feet hip distance apart, and as you inhale, lift your arms above your head, with your palms facing inwards towards each other. As you exhale, bend your knees and squat back, as if you're sitting in an invisible chair.

Next, straighten your legs and reach upwards with your arms. Keeping your back straight, roll forwards over your knees into a standing forward bend. Repeat this sequence several times, remembering to maintain your breathing.

5. Half wheel pose

Half wheel pose is a wonderful way to stretch out your back, without pushing your body quite as far as a full wheel pose does. It opens the chest and also strengthens the shoulders and arms.

Start this pose off by standing straight. Place your hands either on your hips, or clasp them together and raise them above your shoulders. Moving with your hands, bend your back, pushing your stomach forwards and concentrating on rounding as much as possible.

Straighten your back and release your hands to your sides, and repeat.

What's next?

You can practice all these poses at home on your yoga mat, but it's way more fun in a studio! W1LL's modern studios are a complete sensory experience that will leave you feeling buoyant, energised and strong. Take a look at our classes and come along to our next intro session.


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