Top 5 Yoga Life-Tips Starting With ‘D’ (D For Do It!)

blog life Sep 26, 2017
  1. Detachment

    Sorry goal-driven, success/fail, win/lose society we live in, this one may irk you at your very foundational core; good!
The great overarching theory of Yogic philosophy is that life is an ever-changing ever-fluctuating never-static flow of energy and information, replaced moment after moment. So a simple (yet difficult) daily practice is to let the good-bad, happy-sad ebbs and flows of life pass you by without attaching your state of personal peace to any outcome, thing, or person. Your ever-present personal state of peace is within, not without. Do try it.

  2. Detox

    Buzz word of the last 5 years it seems. We are what we eat! Yoga goes further; we are what we think. Giving yourself a mental-detox is as easy as stopping what you’re doing and breathing slowly; but you know this already, we all say things like “I just need to clear my head”, right? Mental detox done.
    Now physically we can do 3 simple things every day to keep our elimination systems at peak efficiency (especially our bowels):
a) drink a warm glass of water+lemon when you jump (ok, maybe not jump) out of bed in the morning
b) lie on your back and hug one knee at a time into your chest for a few breaths
c) twist the legs side to side for a few breaths. Sayonara constipation.

  3. Dexterity

    Yes, yes yoga practice gives you that in spades, but how about dexterity of the mind?
    Traditionally, that’s the only reason anyone did the poses in the first place! Flexible bodies beget flexible minds, ‘Yogic Dexterity’ is the coordination of your small thoughts within your larger soul. There, I said it – Soul. Say it loud and proud. It aint going nowhere, because it can’t. Get used to diving into the subtle realm of your consciousness, because that’s Yoga- baby.

  4. Deeper

    Nike said it simply and it worked out quite well for them, Just Do It. So here it is…any questions you may have, send them all inward.
Here it is…
Go deeper.

  5. Dharma

    Ooooh, this is a sticky one. Because there’s no perfect English word for ‘Dharma’. It’s your ‘life’s work’, your ‘purpose’, your ‘passion’, your Tony Robbins walk-over-the-fire-coals to high-five-the- sky magic moment!
    Well, see the danger here…what if I spend a whole day not living my purpose?
 Let’s get back to the moment. Are you connected with the present moment? Is there a lightness to your thoughts? Are you cultivating an inner peace from within, that gives you the ability to be kind to others around you? To be focused on a task? To be enjoying yourself whatever it is you’re up to?
    No? Having a shit moment? No worries..who cares?! Life’s full of second chances, every second a new chance. Boom. Om. Amen.


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