In Sub-Saharan Africa alone, 162,000 women die every year from complications from pregnancy, labour and delivery and many mothers have to walk 25 kilometres or more to reach a safe place to give birth.

We can change this.

Your purchase supports:

  • Helping mothers to access safe, clean health clinics to deliver
    their babies under the supervision of trained health professionals
  • Training local volunteer leaders to educate mothers on antenatal care to ensure safe delivery of their babies

W1LL supports Saving the lives of mothers and babies in Africa through preventative health initiatives and education on child nutrition.

We believe that all babies deserve the best start in life and that every mother should have access to safe, clean health clinics, where they can deliver their babies under the supervision of trained health professionals.

We are supporting healthy mothers and providing proper nutrition for babies during their vital first thousand days from conception until two years old.

W1LL helps improve maternal health, provide vital health access for entire communities and save the lives of thousands of mothers and babies with the support we give to the Human Kind Project and their delivery partners.


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